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Gaelic phrases part 3

This, the third addition to my list of gaelic phrases will be the same as the last two with regards that it’ll consist of some common basic phrases. I’m hoping to add one more basic phrases post in the near future. Once that is done I’m hoping to start a series which goes into more detail and depth on different areas with each post being dedicated to the one specific area. That’s the plan anyway, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Since I have started writing these posts I have been amazed at just how many people from countries all over the world have taken an interest in gaelic. It’s awesome! I’d love to know more about where people reading are from so if you can, or more importantly want to, leave a comment below with where abouts you’re from. Mòran taing!

If you haven’t read the last two posts and would like to you can find them below:

As usual, I have written these so that the first sentence is in English, with the second being wrote in gaelic and the third being the pronunciation which sounds the way it is written in English:


Where have you come from?Co às a thàing thu? – coe ass uh hah-neek oo?

I have come (from the islands)‘S ann (às na h-eileanan) a thàinig mi – sa-oon (ass nuh hillanun) uh hah-neek mee

My ancestors came from (the Highlands) ‘S ann à (a’ Ghàidhealtachd)  a bha mo shìnnsearan – sa-oon a (uh Gheh-ulltochk) uh va mo heensharrun

I’d like to see the placeBu toil leam an t-àite fhaicinn – boo toloom un tah-tchuh ech-keen

Are you on holiday?An e saor-làithean a th’agaibh? – un yeh seur lah-yen uh hackuv

I’m workingTha mi ‘g obair – ha mi goebir

I want to go to InvernessTha mi’ g iarraidh a dhol a (Inbhir Nis) – ha mee g-ee-urry uh gholl uh (enn-yerneesh)

How can I get there? – Ciamar a gheibh mi ann? – kimmer uh yaev mee a-oon?

Is it far away?A bheil e fad às? – uh vil eh fat ass?

When will you be back?Cuine bhios tu air ais? – koonyuh viss doo ir ash?

As soon as I canCho luath ‘s is urrain dhomh – choe loe-uh siss ooreen ghoe

Look out!Thoir an aire! – hor un arruh!

Shut up!Dùin do bheul! – doon daw vee-al!

Happy birthdayLà breith sona – lah breh sonnuh

Merry ChristmasNollaig chridheil – nolla-eek chree-yell

I am lostTha mi air chall – ha mee ir cha-ool

Justice!Ceartas! – K-yarshtuss

Freedom!Saorsa! – suer-suh!


I have to stress that fad às is indeed pronounced fat ass, so please don’t think I’m on the wind up! But anyways, thank you for reading and as always…

Cúm Gàidhlig beò!


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