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My top ten Scottish Gaelic songs

*UPDATE* – I have noticed the majority of these songs linked have been taken down by their youtube channels for whatever reason so I have made an updated version, the link should be below:


Ar cànain ‘s ár ceol!

Scottish Gaelic songs have been around for centuries, passed down from generation to generation. But due to the decline of Gaelic speakers in Scotland, finding Traditional Gaelic songs was a wee bit tricky in the past. But nowadays thanks to the Internet and things such as youtube, finding songs has never been easier.

There is just something about Gaelic music that makes it unique, it is such a beautiful language. Although some people do not understand the lyrics or the words, many people from across the globe feel some sort of connection to the music. I have been an avid listener for many years now, below are a list of my favourite songs with a link to them on youtube. If you have never listened to Gaelic music then why not give them a wee listen and see if you enjoy them:

10 – Puirt-A-Beul Set: Ribinnean Riomhach

9 – Sios Dhan An Abhainn

8 – Tha Mo Ghaol Air Àird a’ Chuan

7 – Canan nan Gaidheal

6 – Oganaich Uir A Rinn M’fhagail

5 – An Eala Bhàn

4 – Fear a Bhàta

3 – Gràdh Geal Mo Chridhe

2 – Oran Fir Heisgeir (Gura Mis’ Tha Fo Mhighean) – Julie Fowlis

1 – Tàladah Chriosda

Interested in learning some basic Scottish Gaelic phrases? Follow the link below:


Cúm Gàidhlig beò!


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