barcelona_02_bigIf you’ve ever looking for a destination for travelling or even a short getaway, visiting Barcelona is a BIG MUST. And that’s a big must with like capitals and everything like no matter how much I try and emphasise it; it will never do it justice.. Seriously, if you’re ever considering a trip to Barca? Do it. You will not regret it, I can guarantee you that. A city rich in culture and unbelievable architecture it’s hard not to instantly fall in love.

No matter what “tickles your fancy”, Barcelona has it. If you’re a sporty or arty person, musician or music enthusiast, or just someone who likes the sun and beach or getting a good ole fashion swally, Barcelona will not disappoint you.

I have visited twice and experienced both the sightseeing side of things and the nightlife. I want to travel the world, but if that wasn’t the case I would spend every second I could in Barcelona!


Meeting people


Although both times I have travelled with friends, it is the perfect city to solo travel in. On my last visit there, we met so many wonderful and amazing people from a mixed background of nationalities. There were Americans, English, Scottish, Australian, Norwegian and even three guys from Kazakhstan. Meeting people was no problem. If you’re looking to meet people of course staying in a hostel is probably the best option(and cheapest!), bunking up with a number of strangers and sharing a room you will no doubtedly get interacting with them. That’s if you can find a common language to communicate through. A huge tip if you want to go out and experience the nightlife and meet people would be to go to “patagonia”. It is a cool wee bar on Las Ramblas, and at night time it becomes a tourist hot-spot.The pr guys on the ground and inside are honestly the coolest guys you will ever meet. They’ll ask you where you’re from and introduce you to other tourists from other countries. They basically encourage you to be friends, which to be honest is a huge bonus if you are shy or find it hard to start conversations with strangers. Its honestly that simple.


Things to do


One of the best things about the city is you will never be stuck for things to do, the place is absolutely packed with landmarks, attractions, and activities for people of all ages.

Below is a list of potential places and sights you should consider if you do decide to go, there are many more places you should try and visit but these are my top 11:

  1. Las Ramblas
  2. Sagrada Família
  3. Nou camp
  4. The beach
  5. Tibidabo Amusement Park
  6. Park Güell
  7. The Gothic quarter
  8. Casa Milà
  9. Montjuïc
  10. Parc de la Ciutadella
  11. Montserrat


Travelling on a budget


Okay, we all know how expensive travelling can be; but if you’re on a low budget and your not wanting to spend an absolute fortune then you can pull it off. Real talk!

I have made a little list of tips and hints on a previous blog, the link should be below. It should be below, If not? Panic, everybody panic!!

The Bus turìstic as I have mentioned before is a fantastic way to explore the city, but it’s also a little life saver if you’re looking to save cash. It cost €27 for one day and €38 for two, pretty pricey yeah but it can also save you a shed load. There are 3 routes it takes, each route bypassing pretty much all the major landmarks and attractions. This is handy if you’re wanting to make the most of your visit. When I went I basically used this as my taxi to and from places, even if it was just a lift back to the hostel it saved me money on bus fares, trains or taxis. When you buy a ticket you are given a little booklet which has discounts on everything from food to admission fees. This could literally save you hundreds of euros in the long run. The aerobus is also another little gem, it is available every 5 minutes and runs every day of the year. it takes you from the airport to the city centre in around 35 minutes making stops along the way and also the way back. It costs €5.90 for one way but considering a taxi will cost around €30 or more for the exact same, it can save you a lot of money and hassle.


Staying safe


Of course being a major city Barcelona has some problems. But the truth is, if you use common sense and keep a good eye on your surroundings? Then you should be fine. The city has a bad reputation for pickpockets, especially on Las Ramblas. At night time they’re are also a lot of prostitutes and people wanting to sell drugs and will try and approach you. The best bit of advice is try not to be drawn into conversation with them, a simple shake of the head or a “no thank you” as you continue to walk should do the trick. I have been twice and not had one bit of bother, but that’s not to say it doesn’t happen. Just keep a sharp mind and be conscious of your belongings and surroundings and you should be fine.

All in all but if you have an opportunity to visit this wonderful city don’t pass it up. You will honestly not be disappointed. I promise you that. Truth be told the first time when me and my friends were booking up I didn’t really fancy it. I wanted to go elsewhere, but after visiting and then revisiting again? I’d definitely put Barcelona up there as one of the best cities I have ever visited or had the pleasure to explore.


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